Two Year Old Baby Saves his Brother!

Baby playtime goes bad

Baby climbed into draw
Babies started climbing into draw

Kayli Shoff’s kids were playing in their room when a potentially terrible accident happened. As they climbed onto an unsecured drawer, it toppled over them. Everything was recorded on the camera their mother had installed in the bedroom.

Baby brother to the rescue!

baby rescuing brotherLuckily the children were safe and sound, and their mother shared the video on Youtube so that parents can make sure any other children can be safe.However, many people critisised the parents. Some stated that the world is full of furniture that is not all bolted to walls or to floors, for parents to be mindful and be held accountable for what their children might do.Cynthia L Snyder said:

 Just teach children how to behave and that the world isn’t a jungle gym…Somehow there are many generations that have grown up without furniture being bolted. It’s not the dresser’s fault. Parents need to be held accountable. Two boys unattended equals disaster. Parents who don’t hear the commotion equals people who shouldn’t have children.

Many defended Mr and Mrs Shoff, including Ashley Martines, who said: ‘Mistakes happen. This is not to bash any parents. ‘It can happen to any parent.’

Online commenters also pointed out the fact the parents are behind a business that sells video recording equipment, and that this was a publicity stunt. They staged the event and used it to get viral video hits which would promote their business. The family strongly deny that this is the case.

Kayla and Her baby boy
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