Get Paid $20,000 to stay in bed for 2 months!

Tired of all that standing on your feet? Tired of getting up each day? At long last, an occupation you can truly do as you rest and sleep is here.

French space researchers are searching for 24 ‘fit and lively’ men/women to burn through 60 days lying in bed. Want to know something amazing? They’re paying €16,000 to the fruitful snoozers, the Guardian reports.

It’s t a review on the impacts of microgravity (a condition of virtual weightlessness). Perfect applicants will be non-smokers matured 20-45 without any hypersensitivities and a body mass record of 27. So no unfit fatties please.

“The possibility of this research is to duplicate the weightlessness of the International Space Station (ISS),” Dr Arnaud Beck, who is planning the analysis, has said.

“Amid the initial two weeks our researchers will do an entire arrangement of tests and estimations on the volunteers. This will be trailed by a 60-day time frame amid which they should stay in bed.”

The men won’t just rest in bed, however eat, wash and play out every real capacity. No less than one shoulder must stay in contact with the bed or the casing at all circumstances.

However great you view yourself as to be sleeping, Dr Beck demands it’s harder than it sounds.

The point of the analysis is to take a gander at the negative impacts of delayed weightlessness on the human body, and to discover methods for combatting them.

“In specific conditions the cardiovascular framework is influenced and is not equipped for trying [afterwards] as before the examination.”

Likewise with space travelers who have spent a long stretch in space, volunteers encounter muscle misfortune in the lower body and a drop in bone thickness. They regularly think that its hard to stand a while later, he said.

The last fortnight of the examination will be spent “recovering” and experiencing further tests to find how two months in bed have influenced the members.

It’s unquestionably one approach to zest up your CV. Once you’ve ticked that off, why not keep up the odd vocation moves by persuading paid $150,000 to be an island overseer in Australia, or apply to be an expert tear wiper?

So make that one little stride, and apply here.

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