Dunya News – It really is news all about the dunya!

How did Dunya News all begin?

Dunya News (DunyaNews.com) was started in 2006 as an alternative news source. The coverage from mainstream media outlets often ignored the plight of people in some of the poorest and weakest nations.

Where is Dunya News based?

Dunya News is based in the United Kingdom. The team is of diverse backgrounds, consisting of South Asian heritage, Western, North African and Middle Eastern members.

What Next for Dunya News?

We aim to increase our coverage by having more on the ground reporters covering events that matter to you. Dunya News has a robust team of journalists and product designers who aim to create one of the most ground breaking technologies in news coverage. If you have any suggestions for improving our services get in touch. We also have a few other domains to use for World News and getting people involved.